West Fargo Horace Hawks Boosters

Booster Board Meeting Minutes
April 1, 2021 - RAZOR Consulting

President Bob Christensen called the meeting to order at 7:30pm
Bob & Nicole Christensen, Lori & Clayton Schenck, Donna Holsing, James LaHaise, Jon Donnelly, Kim Vuem, Erica Johnson, Ann Rockswold, Jennifer Mauch and Jorgia Voegele
Treasurer’s Report:
• Balance: $33,937.19
• Booster club memberships and Founders Club donations are starting to come in.
• Thank you to the Horace Lions for their donation.
• James created a reimbursement form for expenses.
• A Square device has been set up for booster club events. Bob, Erika, and Ann will have access to this.
Committee Reports/Updates:
• Communication/Social Media Jorgia Voegele
We need to clarify that the Booster Membership and the Founders Club are two separate items on the website. Stephanie Hanson is the WF Schools Marketing director. She will help with advertising for the Booster Club. Her role is to manage the public relations for the district, i.e. social media, graphic design/branding, advertising and the website. We need to send advertising to her, and she decides if it can go to the school newsletters. She also works with local venders to solicitate bulk orders for pens, decals, t-shirts, etc. We will invite her to one of our general meetings. An email should be sent out to parents promoting the Booster Club, the need for committee chairs, members and parent volunteers. Also, we could see if we could promote the boosters on the City of Horace Facebook page and Horace Happenings. We will work on setting up a proper email address for the booster club. The cost would be $48/year.
• Membership – Erica Johnson/Ann Rockswold
Online store has been set up and will close on April 25. Set up a goal for booster club members. 661 students are projected for the 21-22 school year for grades 6-10. We set a goal of 250 booster members and 50 Founders Club donations. Kickoff event will help with our goals.
Founders club
▪ Offered for a two-month time frame. This needs to be our primary focus for the moment. Push this on our social media sites.
Kickoff Campaign
▪ Set August 19 as a date for our kickoff event. We may try to have a mini distribution before this to distribute initial memberships. Will ask at the next general meeting for help with this.
▪ Would like to have t-shirts available for all Middle/High school students. We will look at getting a sponsor(s) to help purchase the t-shirts. Also, have some extras to sell.
• Marquee sign – Bob Christensen
Bob went to the Horace Lutheran Church council meeting. The church would like two signs. Bob and Travis Vogelele (HLC) will go to a city council meeting to discuss our sign needs. A variance will need to be approved by the city. It wasdecided that a sign on County Road 17 by the church is the desirable location. $20,000 all in will be the cap for the church’s signs. Motion made for location and price of the church’s signs – Donna seconded by Kim. Bob will check into the electrical aspects of the total sign package.
• Fundraising/Corporate Sponsorship – Donna Holsing/Jennifer Mauch
We had an inquiry from a business that is interested in donating between $10,000-$15,000. They would advertise on the marquee sign but is wondering what else we can offer them. We discussed their logo on popcorn bags, programs, etc. Contract is done for our corporate sponsorships. Bob will check into possible advertising space on the back of the baseball and softball scoreboards.
• Concessions (still need a chairman)
No report
• Spirit Kim Vuem
No report
Old Business:
• By-laws/Term Limits
We will leave the By-laws/Term Limits the way we voted on. We can look into changing term limits next year.
• Fundraising Banquet
We need to find people to help form an organizing committee. Great fundraising opportunity. We will discuss further at the general meeting. Possible name – Horace Hawks Booster Bash
• We also need to discuss how we disperse the money to the kids and how to pay off the sign.
Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm. Motion made to adjourn by Erika, second by James
Next Board Meeting Date – May 18, 2021 – 6:30 pm at Razor Consulting
Next Booster Meeting Date – Booster Meeting May 3, 2021 – 6:30 pm – Heritage Middle School Library