West Fargo Horace Hawks Boosters

Booster Board Meeting Minutes
February 2, 2021 - Heritage Middle School Library

President Bob Christensen called the meeting to order at 6:30pm


Bob & Nicole Christensen, Lori & Clayton Schenck, Donna Holsing, Domah Hinder, Erin Walters, Erica Johnson, Ann Rockwold, Jennifer Mauch, Jorgia Voegele, Kelly Sommerfeld, Kristi Heilman, Amanda (Mandii) Sturlaugson, Shane Reardon, Chad Lemar, and Paul Aslakson

High School Updates:

  • Cronin was present and discussed the High School progress. She brought in the layout information for the high school.  They will have it ready to go to house the 9 & 10 graders in the fall of 2021.  Also, when West Fargo middle school students start the four-day model on Jan 25, the ninth graders will follow.  Dr. Cronin stated there is enough room at Heritage to do this safely.

Treasurer’s Report:

         No Report

New Business:

  • January minutes were approved. Motion to approve minutes -Erica Johnson seconded by Clay Schenck.
  • Overall timeline
February 2021 Meeting Minutes Timeline

Committee Reports/Updates:

  • Membership – Erica Johnson/Ann Rockwold
    • Membership levels:
      • Level 1: $30.00 Horace Hawk decal
      • Level 2: $75.00 Horace Hawk decal and a stainless-steel mug
      • Level 3: $150.00 2 Horace Hawk decals, a stainless-steel mug and a tote bag
      • NEW LEVEL: Level 4: Founder’s club $500 or more- Level 3 plus name on a plaque. Keeping this to families. Business donations would be classified under Corporate Sponsorship.
    • Kickoff Campaign
      • Registration Apri1 1 to August 30, it will be on the website.
      • Special promo Race to 100? Some recognition for being one of the first 100 members.
      • Booth at school events (e.g., spring band and choir concerts)
      • Coordinate with GoPromo.
      • Need more members for the membership committee.
      • Other ideas for fundraising: Go Fund Me page and/or a direct link for those that would
        like to donate but have no need for the Booster gifts.
      • Once membership is live, plans are to acknowledge people on our Facebook page.
    • There has been interest from the elementary schools about the booster club. We will get information to
      area school newsletters about the booster club. Also, we will check into putting something in the Horace
  • Fundraising/Corporate Sponsorship – Donna Holsing/Jennifer Mausch

If anyone has any businesses ideas, please forward contacts to Donna and Jen. Next meeting the goal is to
bring back any business contacts made, the available spots for advertising for fall and spring. As of right
now, baseball and softball fields are not available. (dependent on student count) Football field sign is
available and possibly advertising spots on the football field fence. Jen has some leads. Mark Lemer stated
that he has contacts with the High School construction companies. Contracts are available and will need to
be modified for our needs. It will be the business’s responsibility to have a sign made on top of the
contract. Cost for those run about $250.00.

  • Communication/Social Media – Jorgia Voegele

The booster club web page has been set up. Content needs to be added and a domain name needs to be chosen. We are going to check if wfps.horacehawks.com is available. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter accounts will need to be set up and maintained. Jorgia has found someone to help with social media. She will send out information on our next meeting, the committee and the need for chairman and members.

  • Concessions (still need a chairman)

We should set it up in two parts:

Part one:

• Concession setup committee (1 year project)

• Possible Horace Lions sponsorship. Bob and Nicole will coordinate that.

• List of equipment needed and space allotment for concessions.

• Timeline of when we need the equipment (e.g., football, basketball, baseball)


Part two: Possibly a paid position

• Inventory

• Scheduling workers


  • Spirit – Kim Vuem

Will investigate the BSNSports 365 store for merchandise for a year-round Hawks gear. The booster club
would get a portion of the sales. Bob will talk to Dr. Cronin for specifics.

Other Items:

  • Email needs to be sent out letting people know about the booster club, when and where our next meeting is,
    and that we are looking for members, committee chairs and committee members.
  • We may need to have special meetings to discuss the timelines and to ensure we stay on task regarding the

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.   Motion made to adjourn by Jorgia Voegele, second by Erin Walter

Next Meeting Date – Booster Board Meeting March 1, 2021 – 6:30 pm – Heritage Middle School Library