West Fargo Horace Hawks Boosters

Booster Board Meeting Minutes
January 4, 2021 - Heritage Middle School Library

President Bob Christensen called the meeting to order at 6:30pm


Bob & Nicole Christensen, Lori & Clayton Schenck, Donna Holsing, Jon Donnelly, Jennifer and Eric Mauch, Jorgia Voegele, Kelly Sommerfeld, Kristi Heilman, Ann & Dan Leshovsky, Amber & Will Fish, Amanda (Mandii) Sturlaugson, Anita Velure, Kim Teigen, Trent & Dana Duda, and James LaHaise

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Booster Checking Account: Current balance: $3000. 
  • Thank you notes to be sent out to donors.

New Business:

  • By-Laws – Were discussed and finalized.
  • Mission Statement – we need to come up with a mission statement for the Horace Hawks Booster Club. Bring ideas to the next meeting.

Committee Reports/Updates:

  • Membership – Erika Johnson/Ann Rockwold

        Discussed levels of membership and gift choices.

        Go Promo was chosen for the Booster gifts.

        Three membership levels:

        Level 1:   $30.00 Horace Hawk decal

        Level 2:  $75.00 Horace Hawk decal and a stainless-steel mug

        Level 3:  $150.00 2 Horace Hawk decals, a stainless-steel mug and a tote bag


  • Fundraising/Corporate Sponsorship – Donna Holsing/Jennifer Mausch: We discussed the different areas that will be available for corporate sponsorship.  Football, softball and baseball fields will have advertising available on their scoreboards.  Horace will eventually have a corner marquee sign, but a location has not been designated.  When a location has been designated, the booster club would be responsible for purchasing the corner marquee sign. The advertising contracts range from $500 – $2500 per year for a three-year contract.  The contracts would be from August to August.  If we were to fill all the available advertising, it would generate around $30,000.  The goal is to try to get advertising going this year.  We can start now, and businesses could get 3 1/2 years for the price of 3.    If anyone has any businesses ideas, please forward contacts to Donna and Jen.
  • Communication/Social Media – Jorgia Voegele/Will Fish: Eric Mauch is working on a website for the booster club.  A domain name needs to be decided on. BNG will be used to process payments.  Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter accounts will need to be set up and maintained.  Bob has the Horace Hawk images that can be used for our correspondence and the different social media sites we will have. 
  • Concessions (still need a chairman): Where we can sell and what equipment we will need to provide?  This is not an option right now with the current Covid19 restrictions in place.
  • Spirit – Kim Vuem: Have items for registration, homecoming, different sporting events, EDC and State tournaments, etc.

Other Items:

  • Email needs to be sent out letting people know about the booster club, when and where our next meeting is, and that we are looking for members, committee chairs and committee members.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.   Motion made to adjourn by Anita Velure, second by Clay Schenck

Next Meeting Date – Booster Board Meeting February 2, 2020 – 6:30 pm – Heritage Middle School Library