West Fargo Horace Hawks Boosters

Booster Board Meeting Minutes
March 23, 2021 - Heritage Middle School Library

President Bob Christensen called the meeting to order at 7:00pm
Bob & Nicole Christensen, Lori & Clayton Schenck, Donna Holsing, James LaHaise, Jon Donnelly, Kim Vuem, Erica Johnson, Ann Rockswold, Jennifer & Eric Mauch and Jorgia Voegele
Treasurer’s Report:
• Checkbook and Credit Card are on order.
Committee Reports/Updates:
• Communication/Social Media Jorgia Voegele
Website is up and running. Kim and Bob will be responsible for changes to the page. Jorgia has connected Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so one post can be sent to all social media sites. Facebook has now been changed to a page instead of a group. It is now an open page. Anyone can see the posts and do not have to like the page.
• Membership – Erica Johnson/Ann Rockswold
Ideas and prices were sent around for Membership gifts. Decided that this year the window decal will not have the year on it. Erica and Ann will have Go Promo work up different designs for us. Have a kickoff event to distribute Booster gifts.
Membership levels:
▪ Level 1: $30.00 Horace Hawk decal and Staff get a Wednesday Jeans Day Button
▪ Level 2: $75.00 2 Horace Hawk decal, Hawk’s yard sign and Staff gets a Wednesday Jeans Day Button
▪ Level 3: $200.00 2 Horace Hawk decals, Horace Hawks yard sign, two activity passes, and Staff gets a Wednesday Jeans Day Button.
Motion to approve Membership levels and gifts – Nicole Christensen, second Kim Vuem, motion passed
Kickoff Campaign
▪ Should we have a separate day or coordinate with our first football game?
▪ Maybe have a parking lot party, food trucks, inflatables?
▪ Online Store- Will get ideas for different merchandise. The online store would be open for a two-week time period. Booster club would receive 10 percent of the proceeds. The merchandise would be direct shipped, so we would not have to worry how to distribute.
▪ We will send out a survey to see what people would like to be offered.
Founders club
▪ Offered for a two-month time frame.
▪ It is open to individuals and families; businesses would be considered Corporate sponsorship.
▪ Tax deductible.
▪ Plaque and a thank you shout out on homepage and social media platforms.
▪ List will be generated, so we can send out thank you to them.
• Fundraising/Corporate Sponsorship – Donna Holsing/Jennifer Mauch

We have had interest for Corporate Sponsors. Contracts are being finalized, just need a mailing address. The mailing address is Heritage Middle School. We have several businesses that are already interested. We have a company that will do the brickwork on our marquee sign and will receive an advertising spot for his donation. Also have a company that will donate for points (football, basketball, baseball, softball). Minimum of $1000-1500.
• Marquee sign – Bob Christensen
Bob is working with Indigo Signs for ideas. Working on different renderings for the sign. We need to pay for the Horace Lutheran Church sign along with ours. It will need to be two sided. We would like to have 8 slots on each side.
• Concessions (still need a chairman)
Bob is attending the Horace Lions meeting on March 29 to discuss the Lions sponsoring the concession stand equipment. Approximately $5000 per location. Football, Gym, and Baseball/Softball fields. School said they would supply the fridge, freezer and an area to store supplies.
We will need to look at the possibility to hire a concession manager down the road when we get bigger. They would order supplies, make sure shifts are covered, etc.
• Spirit Kim Vuem
Looking into t-shirts for kickoff event. Will investigate different vendors for prices.
Old Business:
• By-laws/Term Limits
Need to set term lengths, so we do not lose the full board all at one time.
New Business:
• Next general meeting -educate members on the roles of the board members, make the meetings more informational. We also need to start working on our process for groups to receive money and the limits.
Next Board Meeting Date – April 13,2021 – 6:30 pm at Razor Consulting
Next Booster Meeting Date – Booster Meeting May 3, 2021 – 6:30 pm – Heritage Middle School Library
Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm