West Fargo Horace Hawks Boosters

Booster Board Meeting Minutes
March 28, 2021 - RAZOR Consulting

President Nicole Christensen called the meeting to order at 6:30pm Attendees:

Nicole Christensen, Lori & Clayton Schenck, James LaHaise, Jon Donnelly, Erica Johnson, Ann Rockswold, Jennifer & Eric Mauch, Jorgia Voegele, Kelly Sommerfeld, Randy, Kelly, and Paul Aslakson  

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Balance $3000.00. There is a pending $60 donation from the FCCLA. Checkbook and Credit card are on order.

New Business:

  • It was decided that there will be a separate meeting for board members. There are 12 board members. (still need concessions and one other) It will be to vote on the bigger decisions.  The general meeting will be held the 1st Monday of the month.  It will be mostly for information, generally no voting and primarily for discussion of different ideas.

Committee Reports/Updates:

  • Communication/Social Media Jorgia Voegele

Jorgia has set up a Facebook, Twitter and an Instagram page for the booster club.  They will be used to promote the booster club and its activities.   Facebook has had a lot of views, likes, etc.


  • Membership – Erica Johnson/Ann Rockswold

Membership levels

  • Level 1: $30.00 Horace Hawk decal and Staff gets a Wednesday Jeans Day
  • Level 2: $75.00 Horace Hawk decal, Hawk’s yard sign and Staff gets a Wednesday Jeans Day
  • Level 3: $200.00 2 Horace Hawk decals, Hawk’s yard sign, two activity passes, and Staff gets a Wednesday Jeans Day

Founders “Club” $500 or more.  This will be available April and May.  It is purely a donation and not a membership.  It is for families and individuals (no Corporate).  Person(s) would have a plaque placed on wall in High School.  Also, will be launching an online Horace Hawks store.  It will run for two weeks at a time and we would receive 10% of the proceeds from this.  It will have a variety of Hawks gear available.  We will run another one in the fall.  We are brainstorming some different ways to distribute membership gifts.  (back to school night/coordinate with first football game, etc.)  Also, would like to set up a table at different events to sign people up for the booster club.   We will have Square available for payment.


  • Fundraising/Corporate Sponsorship –Jennifer Mauch

We have had interest for Corporate Sponsors.  We have more interest in the larger signs than we have available.  We will have to figure out some different configurations.   Corporate advertising will have to pay by check.  Contracts will be from now until July 2022. Football, Baseball/Softball fields and Marquee are available now.  Looking into the possibility of adding advertising to the fences around the Football, Baseball and Softball fields.     


  • Concessions (still need a chairman)

Bob is attending the Lions meeting this evening (3/29) to ask the Lions to sponsor the concession stands and for some general support.   We will need to look at the possibility to hire a concession manager down the road when we get bigger.   They would order supplies, -make sure shifts are covered, etc. Parents will need to help run the concessions for the first year or two.  Clubs and teams will work the events and receive the profit off sales.


  • Spirit Kim Vuem

Looking at some inexpensive t-shirts to give out to all students at the back-to-school event.  Looking at some different vendors and getting quotes. Mentioned 50/50 raffles and other sources of income.


Other Business:

We should be thinking of another committee/chair position – Annual Event position.  We should start forming a group to coordinate an annual event start in the Spring of 2022.    It would be a major fundraiser for the boosters.  We can advertise this on our Facebook page. Questions have been asked as to where the booster money goes.  It will go back to the clubs, athletic teams and other facility needs (scoreboards, chairs, bumpers in the gym, etc.)  The booster club will support the Middle and the High School.  Groups will come to the booster meetings and request funds.  Booster members then vote on request.  Individuals can donate to specific items and it can be set up in a different account.   Scholarships/endowments will eventually need to be set up. 


Meeting adjourned at 7:25pm

Next Meeting Date – Booster Board Meeting May 3, 2020 – 6:30 pm – Heritage Middle School Library